voyager vs borg

voyager vs borg

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    Ugh…PLEASE tell me this wasn’t actually in the series. Physics-defying* Batmobile retractable plate armor? Seriously?

    *and yeah, I’m aware how ridiculous it is to cry ‘scientific inaccuracy’ over Star Trek, but there’s a big difference between suspending my disbelief and trying to keep the writers from taking a crap in my brain.


    And such a shame that it’s the only sci-fi show on television, making it impossible to watch something else –



    Luke Magnifico

    They did a full armor refit.


    Series finale. Janeway from future is being celebrated for getting them home after something like 50 years of wandering, she feels she didn’t do it quick enough and travels back in time with future tech (tech developed during the borg wars) to make the voyager uber. Then they whoop some borg ass and get home just in time to use their future tech from stopping Starfleet from getting their collective asses handed to them by the borg. From memory, haven’t seen that in years. If anyone wants to piss and moan about spoilers, it’s been a decade since the show… Read more »


    I stand corrected.

    Luke Magnifico

    It’s OK… Janeway’s from the future, and she brought gifts.


    Voyager was never very good. The minute they got into the whole “time travelers from the future coming to arrest people for things they hadn’t done yet” I was gone.


    I hated some things, like that Seven’s suit for pimpled, sex-starved teenagers, but Voyager wasn’t all bad. Nonetheless the end was a major “WTF ?” for me.


    That’s an awfully big Portal companion cube Voyager’s fire on there.