Godzilla comic shop cover

So apparently some comic company is doing some promotion somewhere and sometime in the recent past, in which a comic shop could pay them to be featured on the cover of the latest #1 of some kind of Godzilla comic book.  This image is of my local comic shop’s cover that they got done did for them on up there.  I think I’ll buy me a copy of that there comic once I’m in the black again.

Did anyone else happen to catch their local comic shop’s cover?


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    Wow. Now that’s some fact filled reporting. The comic company is IDW. The incentive is if you buy enough copies of the new Godzilla book, you can get exclusive covers of ‘Zilla crushing your store. We crunched the numbers, and the cover would have to sell for $30 or more, to cover the cost of the numbers of issues we would have to buy. My guess is, the guy who owns the store you go to is making $0.00 on this deal, but feels that the press is worth it. IMO, the Alex Ross variants are cool enough. The premise… Read more »