douglas adams on fairies

douglas adams on fairies

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    Either way the garden is still beautiful. The latter just adds more beauty and a greater sense of purpose.


    No it doesn’t and you know it.

    There is beauty in chaos and chance. That is in essence, life itself.

    These plants in the garden have gone through millions of years of evolution through the chaos of life to one day be glanced at and understood by an understanding human. A human who appreciates the randomness and chaotic nature of life and how it can create beauty through pure chance.

    Not fuckin’ fairies or gods.


    So venomous my dear ian ( btw that is my name as well). And before you go off on some wild-tangent about how ” religus peeple are stooped!” I will have you know that i am an agnostic-theist. Why do you automatically assume that because i believe in gods that i do not appreciate the chaotic and random nature of our world and universe? Has it ever occured to you that if a god does exist that it does nothing to invalidate current scientific understandings of the origins of the universe? I’ll spare you a rant but to think that… Read more »




    If I were presented with incontrovertible evidence of a god tomorrow morning, it would only provide me with a target for ultimate universal retribution. Lucifer had the right idea; impeach God.


    A sense of purpose does not rely on a deity’s existence. It relies on having a sense of purpose.


    Also some people may be offended by faires.
    Cuz they are, you know, very, very offensive…


    Believe it or not, I am actually jealous of people who believe there are fairies. It gives them a sense of belonging and purpose that cannot be achieved otherwise. I have seen too much evil and am far too questioning to believe in them myself, but I have accepted that there are people who believe, and that they are happier because of it. I would not try to force these people to my way of thinking, partly because I know that nothing I say or do can persuade them, and partly because, generally, they are better people because of it.… Read more »


    I rather believe in “fairies” than think, “What a beautiful garden, good thing shit just happened and everything randomly came together this way…”


    you are a moron and a coward. i hate poeple like you, who can’t accept the word how it is, without any supernatural stories to make you feel good.


    I’m sorry but if you are so much smarter than Bstaples then why were you only capable of coming up with a scathing Ad-hominem? It’s assholes like you that give atheists a bad rep on the internet and in mainstream society.


    I think that’s pretty much the definition of a insane.

    Believing what you want to believe in instead of adapting to what actually is can be hazardous to your health.

    In that sense, I think it’s beautiful that stupid people will get what’s coming to them.