Mass Effect N7 Wallpaper 1200×800

Mass Effect N7 Wallpaper 1200x800


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    casemods UID# 667

    Uhm….apparently you don’t know about BMW’s..

    Put it this way:

    I’m sure you know what “M3” is?

    Well this is N7…

    Do some googling.


    This is from the video game Mass Effect.


    Jesus Christ, you fed the troll dumbass. Casemods is married to his computer. Don’t you think he would know what mass effect is? or even reading the title? ugh..


    I thought he was married to his hand.


    I admit I’m on the computer nearly all of my free time, but I do have many hobbies.


    My dad had a BMW. I looked into aftermarket options.none of them was the N7 kit. Anyone should be able to distinguish the red line which is basically the same as the M3 stripe, only the M3 has red,green, and blue: each one representing an important aspect of the car: peformance, handling, and fuel economy.

    The M3 is a combination of all 3.

    The N7 is strictly performance and is meant for track and drag racing (and also used with drifting for the higher class tuners, since all they need now is to bolt the axles to he frame)

    The green stripe is for fuel economy.

    The blue stripe is for handling.

    All of these mods can be done by the owner or by the factory. The factory options costs a LOT more, but you get cool badges and it doesn’t void the warranty.

    Seriously. Use google.

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