6000 years ago

6000 years ago

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    Is it me or does the caveman resemble Dick Nixon?


    And why is God staring at his crotch and pointing?


    Surely it was a cave troll?

    Luke Magnifico

    A iron.


    It was then Joe Torre figured out his destiny to manage th New York Yankees to 4 World Series titles.

    Alec Dalek

    God is a fuck fuck fuck. Fuck God up his ass ass ass. Santorium dripping, down his big fat ass, ignoring us, laughing at us! God is nowhere or doesn`t give a fuck. Sucker humans still believe his shit, for they are nothing without his lies. Happy blanket covering them with emptiness they can ignore in his name. Fuck you, fuck me, fuck us all, God is dead!!!!!!!!!!


    Lay off the caffeine there buddy.


    Here’s the whole thing I don’t understand about the creationist debates over the age of the universe/earth.

    The Bible doesn’t say how old the earth is. I was raised in a very Christian household, and I have read the Bible cover to cover several times. At no point does it say the age of the Earth.

    There are some things that conflict with scientific theory, such as Man existing 6 days after creation instead of billions of years after. But the debate over the age is stupid.


    The bible matches up with historical facts, and the date that many Christians believe is based on these historical facts. Because of the genealogies alongside this, it is possible to estimate the time that the bible’s creation would have occurred at. The bible does not say, no, but then again it would not. Our modern system of dating years was not in use at the time of those writings. Timing in telling of events was related to events instead of given a number.


    i would like to point something out about the debate over the “if god made everything, then who made god?” arguement. if god exists and created the universe, then he CANNOT have a beginning. if god created space and time, then god would by definition have to have existed in a state not bound by time or space. god would have existed “before” time. i put before in quotation marks because, of course, “before time” makes no sense. god would have to exist outside of time. god doesn’t have a beginning because god cannot have a beginning. maybe that is… Read more »

    Christopher Bischoff Fincher

    Or, perhaps, it’s all bullshit.


    If God doesn’t need a beginning then why does the universe?