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    who gives money to this organization?


    Just to protest PETA, I’m gonna go out, buy a bunch of hamburgers and eat as much as I can and then throw the rest of them away in my custom made leather trashcan before driving off in my car powered by animal tears.


    PETA members should just donate their bodies to hungry wolves. They’d do more good that way.

    Well, except the ones that strip off their clothes to be photographed.

    Zombie Woof

    Where I come from, PETA means:
    People Eating Tasty Animals.

    Eat Meat, Wear Fur!


    The FBI classifies ALF and ELF as “serious domestic terror threats”. Seriously? I dont think either group has killed a single person. Right now I am cowering under my bed in fear of their next deadly GRANOLA or SOY BOMB or high intensity DRUM CIRCLE ooooh maybe they will start a fire at an empty building that belongs to some dipshit corporation that i dont give a fuck about…I am fucking TERRIFIED!
    Apparently the FBI is staffed entirely by total pussies, I hope they start issuing Hello Kitty brand nightvision goggles and pink guns to them to complete the image.


    How do you think FBI gets funding?


    ALF members have definitely attempted murder. Dude attacked a HLS Director with pickaxes. As much as I hate destruction of life, attacking a dude with pickaxes is fucking insane.

    ELF have set several fires, bad ones, that should have caused loss of life when you look at the odds. Luckily they did not.

    I am a vegan and I do not care for PETA, ALF, or ELF. Destruction is destruction, and it is wholly unwarranted, regardless of who is doing it to what.


    but are they a serious domestic terror threat?
    I am just not feeling the terror.
    Now if they hijack some shit or blow up some people, then they are legit terrorists.
    but vandalism and menacing use of a pickaxe are just not that terrifying in my book.


    Points 2 and 3 don’t make sense. Somebody needs to learn math.


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