nuclear fallout map

nuclear fallout map

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Bad news. Everyone on the west coast died 30 days ago.


    Always been impressed about how much more radiation the USA and Canada was supposed to get compared to japan.


    3000 rads sounds awesome
    whats the problem?


    Bad info-graphic is bad. And scaremongering.


    Also, a Rad is a unit of absorbed dose. You can’t just say ‘this area has 750 Rad’, that doesn’t make sense. Is that 750 Rad for the whole area? Per person? Per sq. km? Per second? Per decade? Also, what type of radiation is it; I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at 100 Rad of x-rays, but I’d make a will if it was thermal neutrons.

    It’s like saying ‘my car can go 30 miles’ with no qualification. Is that per hour? Per tankfull? With or without a boot full of dead prostitutes?



    i knew there was something behind this.


    Don’t these fucking idiots remember that we dropped tons of nuke in our own deserts? We should be more concerned about the oil in the gulf than anything.


    Isn’t the unit of background radioactivity the sievert anyway?


    Payback’s a bitch.


    is this a joke

    casemods UID# 667

    Glad I moved to IL, HAHA


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE>>>> Does this start the Zombie apocalypse???

    casemods UID# 667

    Funny thing you mentioned that, because it was brought up on /fa/. A /k/ resident came in and mentioned how fat chicks would be the last ones allowed in the bunkers because they would take up too much room and would eat too much. They would also be the first to be eaten because they would be slower. So I now understand the whole “convince fat people to have self esteem” campaign. I truly do. And this post should explain it to you and you should now understand it. It’s sort of like an inside joke…that we will have to… Read more »


    Oh Yay! 1UP for the scaremongering!


    Fallout LARP FTW !
    Post some Mirelurk pictures 😀


    The agency whose logo is on the chart posted “WE DID NOT MAKE THIS. THIS IS FALSE. DISREGARD THIS, IT IS 100% UNTRUE” on their webpage when they got wind of this.

    If this chart were true we’d all be dead.


    I love that fact that peoples in Anchorage AK are dead too…….waitaminiute!! I don’t recall getting sicker then fuck and dying….