Tablet container is surprised

tablets.jpg (68 KB)

What I see every Wednesday morning…
My sentiments exactly.

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    Sunday isnt the first day of the week.

    Also, what are those pills for


    Technically you’d see that every Tuesday morning, no?


    Not if he takes his last “Tuesday” pill as he goes to bed Tuesday night.

    casemods UID# 667

    Implying he would be in the dark and not able to see the pill dispenser?


    No, implying that it was rash to assume he takes all the pills in the compartment at the beginning of the day. I figured anybody reading my comment would be bright enough to extrapolate out that if he takes a pill from the compartment Tuesday night, the view on Tuesday morning would not be as depicted in the photo. If I figured there would be somebody stupid enough to be pedantic and say “what about seeing it that night” instead of seeing that I was simply refuting that the picture taker would see the pill box as pictured on Wednesday… Read more »