MCS User Starts a Podcast


Hey all,

longtime mcs reader here, Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m 5 episodes in to a weekly live show/comedy podcast called WITH TONIGHTS SPECIAL GUEST, WILL NUNZIATA! It’s a late night talk show, with a twist. I’m always the guest on the couch, and every week I have a new comedian interviewing ME!.
This past week (episode 5) we had MATT OBERG from Comedy Centrals ONION SPORTSDOME and UGLY AMERICANS, hosting the show.
listen to it here:
and please please please subscribe on iTunes.

Thanks. lemme know whatcha’ll think.

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    Luke Magnifico

    Are you aware that you have only half a beard.


    And that there’s a booger hanging out of the shamed side of your face?


    Oberg is badass. Sporstdome is a new favourite and UA is pretty decent, too. That said… I could only make it about a minute in. It’s way heavy on the smug — yes, even with the irony factored in. Right off the bat it comes off as condescending, like you’re reading a book to a class full of kindergarteners. Rough start for a crowd that likely doesn’t know you or your sense of humour. Your audience absolutely has to immediately like you for this format to work; a hook from the very first second to the last. We first need… Read more »


    You look like Flounder from animal house.

    lemon floor wax

    If you didn’t look like a mentally ill homeless man, I might give it a listen.


    I want to be a guest