Humans Can Reach Almost Anything…

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    Luke Magnifico

    >> Moorish conquests
    >> Aggressive colonisation of the Americas
    >> USA-USSR Space Race


    Fuck you


    No, fuck you. Only the dead have seen the end of war. Men are make conflict, like fires throw sparks. There has been NO era, EVER, without war.

    Luke Magnifico

    That hurts… but I know you don’t mean it.

    Come on Graham, let’s hug it out.


    And today’s After-School Special was brought to you by…


    The problem is it’s too easy to profit from xenophobia, especially politically.

    See: Hitler.

    We could blame the politicians, but it’s the people, sadly, that make this viable. We’re too stupid as a group to question someone who’s trying to scare us over “other” people.