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    tiki god

    I’m gonna trust this guy, he seems legit


    Damn, my life has been changed through chick publications, no more pot, acid or x for me, I am saved!


    The hottest groups? Drugs? Alcohol? IMMORAL SEX? This explains why i was having all that stoned and drunken gay-sex after i saw bob denver back in 73. If god and his followers wanted to set an example to the group as a whole why didn’t he let teh dumb bitch get poisoned? Wouldn’t that be a more powerful message? ” hey this slut disobeyed my revealed word and decided drinking and snowballing to the smooth sounds of OKGO was awesome , SHE IS FUCKING DEAD BECAUSE OF IT” And how in the hell would the devil be able to successfully… Read more »


    I’m gonna make the rash assumption you meant “John Denver” instead of “Bob Denver”, who, if I’m not mistaken, played Gilligan.


    No, Bob Denver. That guy is a lord of Hell or something.


    Okay, Satan! You haven’t steered me wrong yet!

    …wait, I don’t worship Satan. *pulls off rubber mask* Old Man Jenkins!!!