13 Assassins

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    tiki god

    do you really need 13 of them? I mean, seriously, wouldn’t just 10 suffice?


    I usually go for 12 assassins, but to each their own.

    Kik Dogg

    If he’s any good, one is usually enough.


    strong beginning, weak finish. I was a bit disappointed. SPOILER They started to lose me when the main dude was like “ok we still have lots of arrows, but lets stop picking them off and instead jump in and get slaughtered because we are hopelessly outnumbered” I don’t care how bad-ass these dudes were, if they were really all about their mission they would have finished their arrows. And at the end where that nancy boy who couldnt even hack through 1 neck killed the main dude.. so lame, he wasnt even tricky about it. And the guy who was… Read more »


    I agree that those classics are far better, but I still really enjoyed this movie. It took that classic a few heroes versus a much larger force story approach that I’ve always enjoyed. I think Miike just really wanted there to be 13 of them. I barely remember a few of them at all. The “additional students” especially. Some of the characters’ actions towards the end did seem a little foolish, but I really appreciated how the film was shot. The design was stunning as well. It definitely was stronger in the visuals department than it was in storytelling. It… Read more »