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    Somehow I am forgetting the names of many of these adorable creatures.


    Well, at least you have a leg up on some of them, then. I gave up after looking at a couple, because without a key or explanation table of some kind, they make absolutely no sense if you only know the name “Pikachu”.


    Love it! Some are awesome, some are weak.

    For the masses unfamiliar with the names:
    I’m not gonna raichu a love song
    Your mom will beedrill’d by my dick
    Heat seaking missile
    I pray to Alakazam a Muslim
    I fapped too long now my Bulbasaur
    I machoke a bitch
    Do a marrill roll
    You’re bustin machops
    Tryin to catch me rhydon dirty
    I turn on my charmander pants come right off
    He really tauros a new asshole
    She gets by on her charmander tight ass
    Weedle make you high
    I’m gonna use my taser to zapdos niggas
    I’mma pikachu in the shower
    Yo man, de any weed left? Charmander, plenty weed left.
    Why don’t you come with me little girl on a magikarp-et ride…
    The US broke free of Britain because they didn’t Nidoking
    Can I fil-Mewtwo having sex?
    I squirtle’ot on her face
    This popcorn is butterfree
    If ya bitches givin’ you problems… strain-golem.
    A thousand nations of the Persian Empire descend upon you…
    Ekans see clearly now, the rain is gone!
    E-Raticate the jews.. .with my machinegun.
    This shit is Onyx-ceptable
    On my way to seel the deal
    I can’t Bayleef it’s not butter!
    Don’t let that horsea her kids again
    Can you de-Scyther the code?

    Whew. I think that’s all. I am a huge nerd for remembering those all these years.

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