Behold the mitghy Pitszwick.

DSC06286.JPG (779 KB)

my kitty… too sad i have to gave her away because am moving and i cant hava animals to the place am going. fuck this shit.

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    not so mighty after all


    Cute as hell brah


    In other words….

    “Hey this is a picture of my cat, but i really just wanted to post the picture because I think its flattering of me and IMO I dont look as much like the fat douchebag loser that i do in most other pictures.’

    “but yeah, my mighty cat, that I cant keep because I’m an abandoning attention seeking faggot.’


    umm… he looks pretty fat to me. As far as giving away the cat. Oh well. You can always get another one and toss that one away next time you move. There’s an endless supply. It’s not like there’s apts that take pets. That would be ridiculous. The least you can do is bring it to a no-kill shelter, and write them a fucking check. I can’t even believe you posted this, like you’re bragging or something. Ugh.


    Considering he posted something genuine and you didn’t? You should refrain from typing anymore bullshit. Enjoy your O.P.S. faggot!


    Haters will hate, but I feel you pain. Had the exact same thing happen to me in January. I still miss my kitty every day. Did you manage to find your a new owner yourself?


    Well, at least you can have the satisfaction the Pitszwick might be leading a happy, comfortable life. And she probably thinks of you every day.


    Might? Or be in the bottom of a mass grave. 50/50


    How miserable must your life be for you to even want to say something like that?


    HE GAVE HIM AWAY ASSHOLE. What do YOU think happened?


    I’ll tell you what I think didn’t happen: He didn’t chuck out the cat to fend for itself in the street, scavenging for food and hoping against hope that this isn’t the day some of the food gives it the last infection it’ll ever get or that some other stray animal doesn’t bite its head off. Do you have any idea of what it feels like to have to part with a pet? Can you even imagine the worry that goes through an owner’s heart to even think that his pet’s new owner might not know how to deal with… Read more »


    You look like the lovechild of Kevin Smith and Vince Vaughn.
    Why do people here hate you?




    Only two people seem to dislike him, and I have it on good authority that one of them is an idiot.