13th Month of Job Growth

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Approaching our 14th. Damn Nazi-Muslim-Atheist-Communist presidents. Where do they get off not giving our jobs to India?

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    We need job growth of about 200,000 a month just to keep up with population increase. 1.8 million jobs averaged over a year is only 150,00 a month. Better than nothing but its still pretty bleak, especially when you factor in all the public sector jobs that have been cut.


    Not like the corporations can’t afford to hire – they have two trillion $$$ on their balance sheets. They claim they can’t hire because people aren’t buying, and people aren’t buying because they don’t have jobs –

    The recession could be over tomorrow if the corps would just invest what the government gave them in incentives and tax breaks.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    While you are right, its just wishful thinking. Corporations exist to make a profit. They’re making a profit right now; why would they waste money on hiring more people? Corporations aren’t charities.


    You’re both absolutely right.

    Sadly, the current mindset in this country is some derivative Randian bullshit, so nothing will be done about it.


    Or better still is that we wiped out corporate incentives and tax breaks. Corps should pay the majority of taxes, not individuals, regardless of how much you make a year. Yet businesses manage to pay next to nothing. GE and Exxon both posted record profits and paid nothing in taxes.


    And you don’t think that they wouldn’t just roll the tax hit into the cost of the washing machine or the gallon of gas? The end price will reflect the taxes taken out upstream, and the sales tax, and the use tax, that is after they have taken out you income tax and FICA.

    What I would like to see is the tax breaks and various loop-holes closed. Don’t you think that it is good business (and cheaper)to pay a billion dollars (like 1%) to legally avoid paying 35% tax on a hundred-and eleventy-billion?


    So negative. It’s positive growth!


    I would like see this graph compared against government spending and debt accumulation for same period. I’m sure those beautiful feelings about how great Obama is doing would quickly evaporate.


    I see you’re the 3 millionth person I’ve encountered who doesn’t understand how government spending works.


    14.2 trillion dollar deficit and we got 9.6% unemployment and 19.3% under-employment. Go to Gallup (and other research sites) and see the studies on the kinds of jobs we got with the massive amount of money the government throw at the problem and see if we got our monies worth. Flipping burgers and wiping old people’s asses shouldn’t cost trillions of dollars. It would have been better to just hand that money directly to the people, but than, of course, all the special interest supporters of Obama wouldn’t have gotten their cut. As far as Obama’s understanding about government spending,… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The fact that you don’t know the difference between “deficit” and “debt” is the first sign that you’re clueless.


    You beat me to it. Kudos.


    I may have switched deficit with debt (my bad), but Obama is the clueless one. He increased govenment spending over 24% and increased US debt almost $4 trillion in just 2.5 years (it took Bush 8 years to do that). Obama has continued the costly wars (that he said he would stop) in Afghanstan, Irag and has started spending for a new one in Libya. The Patriot Act is still enforced, Gitmo is still open and we are now paying record oil prices to forgein countries plays politics with domestic energy reserves. Sorry buddy, but Obama has spent a shit-load… Read more »


    There would have been absolutely no way to pull us out of the economic crapper without debt and spending taking a massive leap. Obama may not have done the most efficient job with it, and I certainly disagree with many of his methods, but to think that another president could have gotten us on the road to economic recovery without incurring staggering debt and spending increases is just plain delusional.


    I am not a big fan of democrats, but republicans are either really stupid or total assholes or in most cases both. republicans are the worst thing since nazis.


    Not a big fan of Republicans, but Godwined argument is Godwinned.


    I dont think it is appropriate to invoke godwins law when there are so many parallells. Xenophobic mass that starts wars without provocation at great cost to their nation’s (and species’) future. Agenda to wipe out entire ethnic groups (jews for the nazis, muslims for republicans). Now if i was calling you an asshole on the street and didnt know a thing about you and i called you a nazi, that, IMNSHO would be a godwins situation if i wanted to use such a cute term. BUT the fact that you know a cute little internet adage does not change… Read more »


    Not sure how the Republicans are worse then the Holocaust, so let’s hear your argument.


    He did not say Republicans are worse than Nazis. He said Republicans are the worst thing SINCE Nazis.

    I’d like him to explain how Republicans are worse than the majority of dictators across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa in the last century, or worse than the communist regimes, or worse than any other actually horrible thing that has happened since the Nazis.


    The Republicans are kinda the Diet Coke of evil…


    @rsxidor : nazis were acute and virulent, republicans are chronic and wasting. What makes them worse than the petty dictators they love installing is their greater longevity, scope and pervasiveness. The dictator can kill his own people the republicans can get us all killed or at the very least lower everyones quality of life.


    Godwins law is used appropriately, because it IS used appropriately.



    It’s obvious the house Republicans are responsible for the job growth. I mean they have a total of zero jobs bills since they’ve taken control and try more tax cuts for the rich every week. FUCKING HEROES!

    Scott M.

    It’s time to go Commie! Seriously! Come join the revolution.


    I say why not…lets just all go hard-core commie…I mean serious, throw-down, Stalinist. Purges, a few gulags in Alaska, no private ownership of vehicles unless you are part of the ruling elite, everyone lives in an apartment unless you are part of the aforementioned ruling elite then you get a nice dacha. lines for toilet paper and other consumer goods. massive amounts of censorship in written and broadcast materials. vilification of our founding fathers. Because lets face it…we are just simple, silly, uninformed and incapable of making our own decisions based on what we read, study and observe. We require… Read more »


    What do you mean Congress controls the budget and the President can only sign in favor or veto it. Lies, I tell you, that is a lie.

    The President is only one that controls the budget, because if that wasn’t true than that would mean that Clinton wasn’t responsible of the economic growth of the 1990’s and it was the work of the Republicans who controlled Congress during that time. I refuse to believe that and I don’t care what the facts are.


    Let’s just oversimplify things and leave out relevant facts to make our party of choice look better.

    The Republicans controlled congress during the mega awesome 90’s, so they’re the reason everything was peachy-keen and rainbows. Clinton had nothing to do with it, and there were no other factors, unrelated to the government, that had anything to do with it.

    Similarly, when the economy went to shit in 08, the democrats were in control of the house, so it was all their fault. Bush should get none of the blame.

    Robert Spam

    DB Tanker, I vote we do the commie thing WITHOUT the gulags and other junk. Make the workers the owners. Keep the democracy politically and extend it to the work world. Jobs for everyone and enough for all.


    what with the veto power held by the Executive branch, how else do you explain the actual facts sambo78? Yes, the President has the power to PROPOSE a budget…but because of the 1974 Congressional Budget Act most of the power rests in the hands of the Legislature…NOT the President…again, he has the power to veto, but other than being the chosen leader of the Executive branch as well as his party figure-head, he has no way to control budgetary items. Again…Clinton had the power to veto the budget items that came across his desk…did he? I am sure, I don’t… Read more »


    Here’s a basic civics lesson for you, so you can understand my point next time you respond. Our government is based on a system of checks and balances. This is to prevent one person or one group of people from obtaining too much power. The congress and the Senate can do nothing without the President, and the President can do nothing without congress and the senate. Basically, what this means is if you want to blame or praise the Government, you have to look at the whole thing. If you want to credit the Republican congress, you have to credit… Read more »


    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_Resolution the democratic majority voted against it in the House, not the senate… the democratic controlled senate voted in favor with a dem majority going for the resolution. And again, I call attention to the Congressional Budget Act of 1974…it allows for a current Congress to bypass many things that need to be voted on…as well as giving the President the same. 103rd Congress was the last that had both majorities of Democrats. Then through to the 109th they were Republican controlled. 110th was again Democrat controlled. As for blaming Democrat vs Republican, we can get into a massive argument… Read more »


    “Only problem is actually finding someone who doesn’t revert to “NO U!” on the other side of the discussion. I can tell you are not one of them.”

    Actually, my whole point is how the “NO U!” mentality is wrong. I don’t trust or like either party very much, personally.