SlutWalk Toronto 2011

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    Who let her out of the kitchen?


    If they stayed in the kitchen, they wouldn’t get raped in the first place


    What if their husbands are convicted rapists?


    no raep when happy married


    I knew Canada was full of prudes.


    she forgot the “needed to” in between the someone and raped

    tiki god

    they’re all pissed off because some cop said that one of the many ways to protect yourself from being raped is to dress appropriately for the locations you’re in.

    so don’t be taking your ipod out in the ghetto, cause it might get jacked.

    casemods UID# 667

    Thanks for the info, again, tiki.

    Women just aren’t very smart are they?

    Why can’t they take advice?

    I mean, men rape them, and men are giving them advice how NOT to get raped.

    If women helped men on how to get laid, you think we would be protesting the opposite things, rather than actually following their advice?


    Yea I read about that. Woman are sometimes to ‘ideally’ focused’. I mean, I would not drive a nice Audi (me being a white guy) down some streets in certain cities because it might get stolen or I might get shot or something. IDEALLY I would be able to go down those streets sure, but realistically I am smart and going to protect myself from things. The same goes for woman and needing to dress accordingly, because unfortunately reality sucks.



    In an ideal world, I can go anywhere and do anything. We’re far from the ideal.

    While I do not wish any misfortune fall upon anyone, I think it’s hypocritical and erroneous to believe women shouldn’t have to take precautions against rape.

    If I go into the Rockies wearing a bacon suit, am I not partly to blame when that hungry Grizzly comes and eats me?

    If I jump into the Tiger Pen at the zoo, do I not deserve what comes my way?

    It doesn’t mitigate the culpability of the predator, but people shouldn’t do stupid things and expect not to get some criticism for it.


    You make a good point about a personal responsibility, but I think it’s still important not to suggest any kind of blame (I know you weren’t saying that, I just want to affirm the point). After all, there are people in the world who would claim that it is a girls “fault” if she is raped when dressed in a provocative manner – especially in countries such as the Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but all over the world as well – which almost gives a guy a ‘Get out of jail free card’. We should always advise precaution but when a crime is committed, the responsibility is still 100% in the hands of the criminal.


    I would object to comparing humans with large, aggressive mammals in this case because the latter have nowhere near the volume of communication or social behavior of the former, but random predation isn’t the problem anyway:


    So it looks like this was just a small legal public protest related to events at a university somewhere in the third largest city on the continent, and now it’s a fad among silly “deep local” types in a country other than my own. I get the guy shouting next to his bible, gay people hugging each other in public, and a guy singing folk songs about abortion with little kids holding pictures of dead fetuses, along with all kinds of other things you’ll happen to see but really not care about if you live in any close proximity to other people.

    Then again, all it seems they were asking is for us to agree with at this protest is that people shouldn’t rape other people. I don’t have any problems with that point of view.


    Well, I do agree with the part that people shouldn’t rape others… but it seems that people got all pissed off that the police gave advice on how to avoid being a rape victim. I don’t really see the problem with that. Heck, I had some female friends who would bring me along when they went dancing/clubing because they felt safer having a 6’3″ 200lbs guy along since they only weighed about 110 lbs each. Its not like Portland Oregon is a very dangerous place. but hey, I lock my doors when I am not home and at night.


    The cop in question didn’t tactfully say “dress appropriately for the locations your in” or “be careful how you dress” as one would while giving prudent and rational advice… his advice was not to dress like a “slut.”

    The thing they’re angry about in this case is the use of a particular word, since they see it as having a connotation that diminishes rapists’ responsibility for the commission of what is still a criminal felony and morally indefensible act, regardless of the circumstances under which it happens.


    Sounds like good advice to me.

    Like someone flashing around a pocket full a 100’s and then him getting mugged out side. Doing somethings can get certain negative actions your way.

    If I (a man) was at risk of getting raped by a man and they gave me advice to avoid it im going to walk that line. But thats just me, me and stupid people share little in common.




    So why do men get raped outside of prison and the navy?


    They are many women on Navy ships and sex with them is pretty easy, so no reason for male rape. Actually, open male homosexual conduct in confined living places like that does not bode well for the practitioner. Of course, female homosexual is still okay and is actually appreciated by many.

    Luke Magnifico

    Generally date rape occurs by application of a drug to a drink… this is a poorly worded sign.


    She’s right. They don’t get because of those factors, but they damn sure don’t help the situation.


    *get raped


    Except that when women do not do those things, they are less likely to get raped.


    Preach it, brother:
    When some bitch is showing her ankles, she’s asking to get cornholed.
    (Did I get it right?)


    I DO NOT get parking tickets because I:

    Have parked illegally.
    The time ran out on the meter.
    I was in a handicapped space without a tag.


    casemods UID# 667

    Women are too stupid/stubborn to get that:

    For every action, there is a re-action.

    Action: women dress slutty

    re-action: women are raped.

    The action and re-action can not be the same thing (women getting raped because someone raped them makes no sense at all)

    natural selection

    WOW, looks like we have a group of aspiring rapists here…

    any of you care to divulge your address so my wife can dress slutty while I watch your lame asses try to rape her? We are both more than willing to speed natural selection along and make you front page news…please feel free to call my bluff you fucking mongoloids


    Thank you for that.


    Doesn’t count, cant rape the willing.




    Women get raped because they were previously raped?


    Now let’s define what you think is “slutty” and what women can appropriately wear, since you guys are all experts on what I can wear in order to avoid rape.

    If I go to a beach and wear a bathing suit, then I am asking for it? What if I walk back to my car in said bathing suit but with only a pair of shorts on with the bikini top still showing? Is that slutty?

    I am certain than no woman who has ever worn perfectly reasonable clothing, say a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, has ever gotten raped before. If she did, it was probably because she said something provocative like “how are you doing?” I’m sure she meant that sexually, right?

    For the record, a man has tried to rape me and I was wearing very appropriate clothing and didn’t come onto him at all. He was a bastard. But I am sure he could justify it some how or another, but I bet he doesn’t tell any stories after I thoroughly kicked his ass.


    1. Get Drunk
    2. Dress so your boobs hang out and we can smell your pussy from here
    3. Do reckless things

    YOU WILL NOT GET RAPED guaranteed


    How does a girl dress so someone else can smell their pussy? Pix or it didn’t happen.

    Luke Magnifico

    The Anons in this thread are raising some coherent and valid opinions…. but the fact that they are Anons means that they are all Graham Wellington, and therefore they are not to be listened to.


    you sound like a smart person, who isn’t drunk
    and dosen’t need to die


    Anonymous messages get no consideration because anonymous messages are anonymous.


    We have a few decisions to make: What kind of society do we want to live and what kind do we actually live in?

    Many clubs are in less-than-ideal neighborhoods. Women dress very sexy on a night out to a club. Once they leave the club does that same clothing now say Rape Me! I deserve it.?

    Who is responsible for rape? The raper or the rapist?

    Do we expect our men to behave as if the have a frontal lobe or are they incapable of controlling their sexual desires?

    As women, do we have to wear burkas to assure our sexual safety from known and unknown men?

    Is it the role of women to make sure we do not incite any uncontrollable random males?

    Are men so juvenile that they believe that the way a woman, to whom they are a stranger, dresses?

    Who do we blame?

    What kind of society do we wish, and choose, to create and live in?


    Who is responsible for rape? The raper or the rapist?

    Err, raper or raped*

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Highlighting certain words to bring attention to them is effective for getting your message across quicker.

    This sign tells me women don’t get raped for drinking provocatively. They get raped because someone rapes them.

    Women get raped because life is fucked. If you dress like a whore you’re more likely to set off somebody who rapes. So don’t dress like a whore or dress like a whore and carry a gun.

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