Then Vs Now

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    Whoever made this is a moronic cock sucker that likes to fondle his/her dad’s balls.


    DaVinci was a one of a kind genius. Comparing anyone to him is just unfair. This post is fail.


    To be fair, genius is as genius is made into. Not only can’t you blame Hideshi Fukaya for what kids do with his work any more than you can blame DaVinci for the mayhem that resulted from the application of his flying machine concepts to airborne warfare but also you can hardly credit DaVinci’s designs for advances in robotics.


    Ever thought of the fact that there were lots more things to invent back in the day?

    This is why the most prominent inventors of the future most likely will “just” make one great invention.


    With the average stupidity among Americans today, its only natural that the standards for genius become next to nothing


    You have something against Americans? You’ve been shitting all over this site.


    This is so stupid, why is Hawking not on here? Or Einstein? Or any of the people whose minds allowed us to travel into space? How about the people working the Large Hadron Collider? We have many geniuses around, just because whoever made this was a moron with an agenda doesn’t make it true.


    Kamen is pretty genius, making awesome prosthetic arms and water purifiers.

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