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    also holds true for a motorbike. i highly recommend it.

    casemods UID# 667

    -more dangerous than a 4 wheel vehicle
    -exposed to rain and cold
    -same rules apply, except for air cooled bikes

    Motorcycles have their pros and cons.

    But that’s not what this ad is saying.


    to help clarify my point, sharing lanes in CA is legal (if not at worst grey area) therefore easier to navigate traffic. “Splitting lanes” as they say gets ya ahead of the other vehicles pretty quickly, or keeps you in motion when everyone else is stopped (keeping an eye on cars making lane changes). My one way commute to the office is about 50/50 city streets vs freeway. In the truck, its a 30-40 minute trip. On a bike (even the 250 that I rarely break 80mph on) it becomes 15-20 minute trip. I’m also spending about 20 bucks for fuel a week between the buell and ninja. It’s nearly 60 a week with the truck for same distances traveled.


    Well at least you have the car to drive after your in a wheelchair


    I’ve noticed this effect and been quite jealous.

    Unfortunately, I’ve also seen cyclists out-and-out running reds by cruising up in the dedicated bike lane, slowing for a quick check, then cutting through the crosswalk.

    Lame, bikers. Lame.

    Use vespa.


    I like riding a bike, but my sense of self preservation keeps me from using as transportation.

    I drive a big ass truck right now, and idiots still cut me off and I’ve had a few fender benders. On a bike the same wreck would put me in traction if I’m lucky.

    tiki god

    it’s amazing to me how many people just don’t see me in my F-150 supercrew.

    I mean, really guys. it’s big and green. how do you miss that?


    clearly you two, as many others, have yet to understand how to make your way on the road without being involved in crashes: that’s a thing that any true biker knows well, because for us is a matter of life and death.


    I can drive fine. I just have to watch out for idiot soccer moms who are busier screaming at their kids than watching the road.


    as a cyclist: these people are even scarier.

    I reckon everyone should have to have motorcycle training as part of driver education: that has easily done the most to open my eyes to the hazards, despite being a regular bicycle commuter.

    People don’t realise that this big piece of metal they drive around is very easily capable of killing not only others but also themselves. So they don’t pay as much attention when controlling it as they really should…


    should’ve clarified: was referring to the soccer moms

    tiki god

    I remember when I had my bike, I routinely planted my foot in some dumb ass’s door when they would cut me off.

    this is why some people keep a couple bucks worth of change in a sock with their bike.


    I heard washers work well. One time I had a bag of choc covered raisins I rained hell on some grumpy wench.


    You’re living my nightmare, Tiki.

    And that’s exactly the reason why I want a little armor when I drive.


    correction. break the lock. get a free bike

    casemods UID# 667

    I rode my bike to work a lot.

    But, I didn’t have to. because it was literally 15 minutes 2 miles down the road whether I rode the bike or drove.

    I did a wheelie crossing the street, and the chain came off, and the miami ink sunglasses I had on fell off and broke.


    sad story bro

    teezy weezy

    bike looks great in the cold.


    ClearChannel can suck my democratic balls, those bible thumping inbred republican asswipes.


    I would (and have) honestly look at using a bicycle to commute to work; it’s only about ten miles. I grew up in the New England area, and most of the roads had either sidewalks or a considerable amount of asphalt on the right side of the painted stripe. I used to bike damn near everywhere.

    Where I am now, the roads a so fucking shitty cheap, that there is often not enough road for the painted strip. That, and the drivers here just don’t fucking care. They will run down a cyclist that is in “their” road. Having been in the other position, I will wait for the cyclist to wave me on to pass.

    Yeah, they are slowly adding bike lanes, but not where I need them. Nothing like driving to where it is safe to bicycle.

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