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    31 Responses ttto Rebecca Black – 1,000,000+ views!

    1. MalcoveMagnesia says:

      happy for her?

      insert “not sure if serious” picture here.

    2. LostOne says:

      1. of course you’d post this on a friday.
      2. I have hard (not sure of the validity) that her rich parents paid to have the video produced. So it isn’t an opportunity your average teen girl would get. Same entitled bullshit that we see in Paris Hilton, with less money.

      • sambo78 says:

        According to Wikipedia, Black’s mother paid a music label 4000 to produce the video. This girl isn’t the first person to do a rich kid vanity project, but that’s a good price. There’s tons of unreleased garbage that some millionaire purchased for his( or her ) brat that costs A LOT more money.

        Supposedly this covered less than half the production costs of the video. That’s not that bad, really. When I was out in L.A. it was hard to find a (decent) production company that would quote a price anywhere under 50000.

        Considering she did get some fame (or infamy) out of it, and the fact that she could parlay this into a few years of pseudo celebrity, it’s a good investment, all things considered.

      • outlanderssc says:

        While this one was professionally produced, there’s noting stopping someone from doing the same thing with a cell phone and some freeware editing software.

        Maybe out of reach of welfare kids, but most kids have access to the technology or have friends who do –
        Don’t think that there aren’t a thousand kids out there trying it right now –

    3. dtepes says:

      Man, I wish I had known she was 13 awhile back before I made an offhand sodomy comment. It was very embarrassing and I’m pretty sure it got me put on some lists… Until a girl is legal she should have her age written in Sharpie on her forehead.

      • sambo78 says:

        This is the internet, and /b/ exists. The list of people who make offhand sodomy comments is probably twenty miles long. There’s too many people to even consider.

        To put in perspective, I used to work as tech support for a university. As a general principle, the school frowned on porn, but SO many students looked at it that it was impossible to enforce. The school could have blocked sites, but the school administration had some idealistic objection to doing that.

        What’s funny is every week or so someone would call the help desk and report themselves for *accidentally* looking at porn. We couldn’t actually tell them, officially, that nobody cares, so we usually just told them that one time wasn’t a big deal and they were in no trouble.

        On the opposite end was the faculty. They had tenure and didn’t care about shit. I found 10 gigs of videos from big sausage pizza.com on the laptop of one of the heads of our physics department. Right after I quit he wrote a paper on laser spectroscopy that got him invited to CERN.

        Where was I going with this? I shouldn’t drink and post.

    4. burnmoney says:

      totally trolling off topic but somewhat related: stupid kid makes money >> stupid people make money off stupid shit all the time

      I heard some dude put a vid on YOUTUBE asking for a million dollars “just because” and some rich guy gave him a million dollars “just because”

      W T F

    5. Hum4nAfterAll says:

      She does realize more than 2/3’s of those views were people hating and trolling on her video right? I’ve never seen sooo many dislikes over likes in my YouTube watching life.

    6. Marshal says:

      I thought she looked best when she “woke up” and her hair was “messed up”.

      Then her hair looked dead as she went downstairs.

      By the time she hit the party, she was a full blown clown whore.

      Add all this to the fact that she looks normal without makeup in this picture and I wonder why girls even bother with this shit when they can’t do it right over half the time.

      Tl;dr stop putting shit on your face please

      • dtepes says:

        Well, when she’s legal there’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing on her face. But I can’t say more or Chris Hansen will rape me again… fucker doesn’t even give a reach around, selfish bastard.

    7. Marshal says:

      My boner grew after I found out she was only 13

      • Hum4nAfterAll says:

        Yeah it’s good for her to have 1,000,000 views from people who hate her, hate her song and her video. What a great way to put it. One million views for having the absolute worst song and video. Absolute new record!

        • Marshal says:

          Well said.

          I also want to add that the veiw count means nothing but veiw count.

          Most of the comments are negative.

          I wonder if they did this on purpose.

          I wonder how she is going to feel when she realizes all those views were all because of how bad she was.

          I feel a bit sorry for her. Shea just a goofy little girl who doesn’t know any better.

          • LostOne says:

            Maybe. Or maybe she realizes that you can’t please everyone. I doubt someone even as young as her went into this without realizing it could be totally ignored or vehemently hated. I’m sure she is just fine with the money she’s getting off of it. Hell for the $25k/month someone above cited I’d put up with more hate than she is. 😉

    8. Browncoat101 says:

      That doesn’t change the fact it’s a terrible song.

    9. Marshal says:

      The color and tone of the skin on her right arm is beautiful

    10. nwks says:

      she sucks so bad… out of her 100 million + views 65 million are trollers hating on her… she sucks in my opinion

    11. Ark records must be loving this, Remeber there is no such thing as bad publicity if you want to get on the celebrity band wagon and she’s well on her way.

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