Why Yuri Gagarin Remains the First Man in Space

Why Yuri Gagarin Remains the First Man in Space

Every year as the anniversary of the first human spaceflight approaches, I receive calls inquiring about the validity of Yuri Gagarin’s claim as the first human in space. The legitimate questions focus on the fact that Gagarin did not land inside his spacecraft. The reasoning goes that since he did not land inside his spacecraft, he disqualified himself from the record books. This might seem to be a very reasonable argument, but Gagarin remains the first man in space. The justification for Gagarin remaining in that position lies in the organization that sets the standards for flight.


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    That’s the dumbest and most arbitrary reason for trying to disqualify him.

    He was the first goddamn person in space. It doesn’t matter if he landed while riding a Pegasus and holding a sparkler in his buttcheeks.


    mandatory USA USA USA chant here

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s like saying Charles Lindbergh wasn’t the first man to cross the Atlantic in a domestic aircraft because he didn’t cross the Pacific.


    What a load of jingo-revisionist butthurt.


    I thought he was the first one to go up and come back down alive… Aren’t there a few Russia launched up there that never came back? oh and the guy that everyone got to hear burn to death during reentry on the radio.


    Yes, you are correct. “I SEE FLAMES!!! I’M BURNING HOT!!!”


    car as collateral and a repossession?

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