how to not clean your AK-47

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    Standard practice to be honest.
    The bolt assembly has been removed, so there’s zero chance of have a negligent discharge.
    Besides, you need to check the barrel for scarring in the metal, burs, etc. And when you don’t have fancy equipment, you just have to look like an idiot. lol


    Why are you so dependent of technology? You don’t need fancy equipment to check how much crap is still in the barrel. Or at least I didn’t when I cleaned my Rk 62.


    Overglorifying technology’s applicable usefulness


    As a unit Armor in the US Army, I would routinely have to check the barrels of our M9’s, M4’s, M14’s, M16’s, M240’s and M2’s with a specialized scope a light kit. Cracks and abrasions can show up on the barrel, that the naked eye just cannot pick out while looking down the barrel like the woman in the picture. And our dependence on technology, by using this scope and light kit has probably saved quite a few peoples fingers, hand or who knows what else from faulty barrels. The US Army is a LARGE branch, and we don’t always… Read more »


    well duh! if you leave it on ice just like that.. expect damages!!!

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