egypt vs iraq

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    Ok, so a mob revolting is democracy now. I thought that democracy was voting for your government not lynching the ones you don’t like. things change so fast…


    Egypt had a democratic election. Where were you? Are you Casemods? Must be.


    You guys can’t stop talking about him can you?

    Is he really that exciting/interesting?

    He doest even post here that much, yet you all bring him up any chance you get.

    If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re all either casemods alt accounts, all in together on an inside “caseloads” joke, or casemods is tikis way of increasing site traffic, which everyone may or may not be in on.


    please, make an account




    democratic REVOLUTION


    …when was rule by majority anything other than democracy? Of course mob revolt is democracy – you gather the majority, out-vote the minority, and more people get what they want than don’t get what they want.

    A republic, on the other hand? Sure, very different from mob revolt. More people get what they want than don’t, but not any 51% of people can oppress any 49% of people. Let’s see if they get to that part after the democratic part.


    A mob revolt against a dictator is the beginning of democracy. US, France, Briton, Gaul, Germany, Judea, etc…all fought against their imposed governments. All in all, Egypt’s rebellion was very civilized, more so than ours.

    What lynching are you talking about?


    and they did it all without the US’s help! if it sticks, then maybe we’ll learn our lesson and just stay out of other people’s shit!


    The USA invaded iraq because of the terrorist attacks.

    The USA knew that the whole country was influenced by sadam, and that he influenced the terrorist attacks. He thought there would be no reaction. He was wrong.

    Other countries don’t fuck with USA for a good reason.

    If pearl harbor happened in this day and age, there would be hell to pay. But they got hit by a tsunami and got their karma


    Oh Yay, another one of those Pearl Harbor/Tsunami comments! Great!
    Pearl Harbor = War
    Tsunami = Natural Disaster
    Nothing to do with each other. Now stop being the sore loser about it because, correct me if I’m wrong, you guys won the war in the end.
    And besides, the US had just over 400’000 casualties in WWII, about 2’500 of which were from Pearl Harbor. Japan had around 3’000’000 casualties in WWII, up to a million of which were civilians. How does that fit into your “karma” crusade?

    Stop whining about Pearl Harbor.


    You sir have spoke the language of my mind.

    I am baffled at how Americans ignorantly compare the tsunami and pearl harbor. It’s like not knowing how to breathe at such an adolescent age. (disregarding people suffering from mental retardation)


    I didn’t know “hurr durr” was a language.

    You know, I guess it’s true what they say: you learn something new everyday.


    It’s embarrassing. I know other countries’ people have ridiculous ideas about mine (prolly yours too), but I cringe when I read stuff like that.


    The Japanese killed WAY more then 3,000,000 civilians before and during WW2.

    Not like that had anything to do with a earthquake at a fault line in the earth that caused the tsunami that is what happened and karma had nothing to do with it. If you think it was pay back for some shit done in the past you are fucking retarded.


    We know. That’s why got karma in the form of a tsunami.


    This site should be like a petting zoo, where you have to pay a token fee to feed the trolls. It might cut down on overfeeding.


    >he resorts to calling people trolls when doesn’t agree with someone

    Aww baby gonna cry cuz he not getting his way?


    Japan didn’t believe in karma either, and look what happened to them.


    Wow, nice troll




    Remember the nukes? Yeah.


    Karma did. It remember them in the form of a tsunami.


    oh! how surprising! an anonymous troll!


    Egyptians are so stupid. Their country can provide food for about 10 million people, there are about 80 million people there. Whatever the goverment type they will have poverty will be making them unhappy. And now people are a bit scared to go there as a tourists, so bye-bye money from tourism.
    Of course in their situation it seemed the best what they could do, but maybe someone could think about it in 1970 ies when there were 40 million people there? Democracy will feed not a single mouth itself.


    Unless they decide as a group that any assets available go into production of a stable and quality form of living instead of completely servicing a small class of elites, which might feed a few mouths and at least get a ball rolling.


    Yeah, but it means that this generation is lost, and there is a chance for next generation. I hardly doubt that this stance is dominating in minds of the mob. They want to live at certain level NOW!

    What statistic egyptian thinks? We have overthrown the dictator but the prices are even higher than they were. He sees that EU and USA are rich. Logical deduction easily leads him to blame EU and USA for his poverty, since it is easier to blame.

    In my opinion in 5-10 years egypt will have some semi-dictatorship again.


    It was a definite problem for Soviet Russia and Yeltsin discovered that they had no money and no food. The mob was happy to stand in and provide.


    Apparently the anonymous comments let Magnus just go on his one man war against sanity even more fervently. That’s good to know.


    I’m pretty curious how many of these anonymous comments are just the regulars dicking around with a new feature.


    more than we realize


    I’d also question just how many regular lurkers were throwing a bitch fit because they wanted to comment without an account.

    Alec Dalek

    Yeah, if they actually have something worth saying, then it would be worth the time to create a damn account. Anonymous commentors are all cowards with nothing worth hearing.


    Anonymous posting allows truly un-biased opinions and discussion.

    It’s the registered users that spend all day on this website that are truly pathetic.

    Just as pathetic as tripfags or namefags.

    Don’t kid yourself – you are only worth more than your weight in shit to the other pathetic no-live registeredfags on tuis site.

    I’m hoping I see a decrease in registered posting, and an increase in anonymous posting.

    Alec Dalek

    Only pussies have to hide in order to express their unbiased opinion. Grow a pair already!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Hey nigger. I haven’t even been on this site. Try not being such a huge fag and pay attention. I don’t care about putting every comment to my name on here because a) its not as though Magnus Buttfoorson is my real name, and b) I’m the smart, successful one and you and your kind are the bottom feeders.

    So fuckoff and leave me alone.


    Registeredfag argument flow chart:

    See anonymous comment I don’t agree on

    Valid response or argument pertaining to the topic?


    Attack character of poster, accuse poster of being fellow registeredfag you don’t like and attack character,

    Alec Dalek

    Hey coward, how can we attack the character of someone anonymous? All we have to go on is they are anonymous and therefore a coward. Beyond that you could be some skinny loser living in their parents broom closet, or some fat loser living in their parents moldy basement, or even an entire new type of loser living with their parents in an undisclosed room in their parents don’t want!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I know this one!

    The answer is: who cares. Its the middle east. Even if they get a democratic system they’ll still cling to a savage religion and after a tonne of effort and deaths the place will look and smell the same.

    Fuck’em. Just make sure they affect the civilized world as little as possible. Wehn you do…boom.


    cool how they compare two things that are not democracy and judge one to be not as democratic based on crowd size

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