Mass Effect 2 – The Illusive Man

I finished ME2 last night, and while I do have some complaints about the pacing and some of the repetition, overall it was a game worth the 35 hours that I soaked into it in my first play through.

Now of course, I’ll need to do a second play through so I can hit level 30 and get a couple of the achievements that I missed on the first run.  Then maybe I’ll go back and play ME1 again, I think I actually liked it better than the sequel.

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    Yea theres alot less action in ME2 compared to ME1, still kinda cool that some things are different in 2 determined of what ya did in 1


    I love both ME1 and ME2. Was a helluva adjustment going from 1 to 2 with the change in ammo styles (unlimited but overheating vs limited), took me a while to get over that. I’ve completed both games many times as paragon and renegade and can’t wait for the third one.


    Next playthrough: Don’t upgrade your ship at all!


    Definitely do this. Don’t upgrade ship at all. You’ll probably want to keep a save game where you did all the ship upgrades and had all party members loyal when you beat the game. That’ll be ideal for continuing to Mass Effect 3 I assume. I have one paragon and one renegade save ready to go for ME3. 🙂 I love renegade Shepard, doesn’t take crap off of anyone.

    tiki god

    holy crap, that’s horrible.


    Totally agree with you, love how the aiming felt in 2, much tighter, hated how they handled the powers though in 2, felt so limited compared to one. Also, never thought I’d say this, but god I miss the vehicle bits from one.

    All in all 2 is a good game, but they did loose SOME of the fun from one

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    I played ME1 and the: 25:1 dialogue/action ratio was 25 times too boring for me.

    Shoot 2 guys, talk to 100…

    I didn’t finish it but I might in the future.

    It just sits all lonely on my hard drive, collecting fragments.