I’m going to like history

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    tiki god

    it’s from a star trek : DS9 episode in which they go back in time to the “trouble with tribbles” episode of the original star trek film, and Dax (the woman) puts on the uniform of the period, which is much more revealing than the uniform she normally wears around these men.

    They see her in this sultry outfit, and proclaim to one another, Ah, I think I’m going to like history…

    Luke Magnifico

    Both iterations of Dax were BANGIN’ AS HELL.

    But I preferred Ezri.


    the problem with Dax is that prior hosts were men. Hence Sisko calling her “old man”. Its a real buzz kill when you think about it.

    Luke Magnifico

    That’s why I don’t think about it.

    Maxwell Edison

    I have had it with all the motherfucking tribbles on this motherfucking ship!


    good episode.

    Best Star Trek series.


    “Doctor Bashir: Wait a minute. Aren’t you two wearing the wrong color?
    O’Brien: Don’t you know anything about this period in time?
    Doctor Bashir: I’m a doctor, not an historian.
    Sisko: In the old days, operations officers wore red, command officers wore gold…
    Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax: And women wore less.
    Doctor Bashir: I think I’m going to like history. “