You’re Doing It All Wrong

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What kind of person wear’s their watch like this?? WHY??

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    And on the right arm…


    The right arm part is easy enough to answer – left-handed person.

    Luke Magnifico

    Left or right handedness is not the reason. The reason you wear it on your left arm is so that the winding dial is on the accessible side.

    Kik Dogg

    Who winds a watch?


    Do people still own watches? wtf for?

    Luke Magnifico

    I wind my watch. It celebrates the 50th anniversary of something to do with the Red Army.


    I’m left handed but still wear my watch on my left arm.


    *Shrug* I just know it’s more common for people to wear their watch on the opposite wrist from their “handedness”. Especially ones with buckle/latch straps. Easier to operate the buckle/latch with your good hand, thus it goes on the opposite wrist.


    where I come from, dudes that wear a watch and/or earring on the right side, were doing so to advertise that they like to homosex…


    People who don’t want to spill their beer to check the time.


    And can’t move it into the other hand because of the potato sack.


    Or people who need to note the current time while holding a clipboard (nurses, industrial equipment operators)

    Of course, being left-handed is NOT acceptable, but wearing the watch to be visible while writing just makes sense for some professions.


    Who the fuck buys watches? Everybody has a cell phone. If you want a bracelet, buy one. It’s dumb.


    Some people don’t like digging in their pocket or bag for the phone when they want to know what time it is. A watch is always there and handy and you don’t need to open it or hit the “screen on” button.




    ie: Old People


    You not knowing the definition is very telling, but your first comment really gave you away already.


    Sorry. I meant the Elderly. Take care of your Swatch now.


    You’re about as interesting as your namesake.


    my uncle wears his watch like this, pretty sure it’s because he
    is a giant douche.


    I used to wear my watches like this when I was in the Army. Two reason: Being on a tank crew, I’m always hitting my arms, legs head on different parts of the tank. Especially when you’re getting shot at, running a 3 man crew instead of a 4 man crew, and you need to load and fire your own rounds. That being said, I always broke the face of my watch. So many times, I just started wearing it like this. Second reason? While conducting dismounted patrols, Iraqi kids would always swarm us asking for free shit. Can’t so… Read more »


    This is, partially, why I wear mine like this. The only difference being that, while on night ops, you always try to limit anything that might flash in the light, or jingle when moving. By having your watch facing inward, it’s less likely to shine back on anything.


    I had noticed that the “upside-down watch” method tends to be most common in the military. Never knew the reasons for it, though. Makes sense.


    Dr. Cox wears his watch like this in Scrubs.


    Fun fact: looking at your watch can teach you a fundamental movement in judo.

    teezy weezy

    Racing drivers.


    I wear my dive watch backwards on my left hand. It makes it easy to track time and look at a pressure gauge at the same time.