Ride Pics

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Rally Lights off…Rally Lights on! My WRX setup for night driving in the middle of nowhere.
Morette HID Headlights
100 Watt Morette Highbeams
Hella 500 55WattYellow fogs
Hella 500 100Watt driving lights
LED 900lumen flood lights
LED marker/turn signal lights

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    Very nice bugeye! I used to have one 🙁 sad story… I see you also went with the STi hood scoop and wing. Any other mods that aren’t visible? Where is this middle of nowhere you speak of and that I suspect is fun to drive around in?

    Luke Magnifico

    I hear some cars actually come with lights nowadays.


    Very nice! you’ve done a lot more work than I have on my 04 STi. What shop do you work at?


    That does look pretty badass. I like.