kristen bell is SERIOUS

kristen bell is SERIOUS

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    Iron man costumes are comment worthy, yet Kristen Bell is not?

    Smokin’ hot.

    She might have the “typical” blonde look, but she is absolutely stunning IMO. And “Forgetting Sara Marshall” was a brilliant film. Bell is ridiculously gorgeous and is underrated in my opinion.


    But Why so serious?


    Because she is seriously fucking hot and storminator is seriously a big dumb bitch..

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    If you zoom in, you can see some redness and pimples on her face.

    I bet she’s hideous without anything on her face, just like the other actresses.


    “You want to put that where?”


    Want? Dear girl, you make it sound like you have a choice!


    Her face/eye structure remind me of Floyd Mayweather…

    Still hawt tho – just that now I’d consider Floyd to be on my “If I had to” list 🙂


    God, I would fuck any part of her and consider myself lucky.

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