SG-U cast

SG-U cast

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    casemods UID# 667

    They really are trying to suck every little drop of cum out of this show aren’t they?

    They should have stopped with SG-1.

    That barely made it as it is.


    It’s a shame they are stopping it.
    Have you even seen it casemod?
    Gotta admit that Sg-1 and Atlantis were more or less a standart type of one episode action series. Still they were funny and had good actors.
    Universe is completely different there are no “sides” as in good vs. evil every character just tries to get around and achieve his personal goals no matter what has to be done and you never know what is going to happen next.
    I like it.

    casemods UID# 667

    Yes, I used to watch SG-1 from the beginning and also Atlantis.

    When they started added people and branching off into new similar series, it just got old and lame, just like every other show.

    Compare it to the movie and wow…it was all down hill.

    It’s like it crashed and burned but they are still trying to walk it out with a broken leg while the other cars keep passing them up and the wind keeps knocking them down and they slowly but surely lose momentum


    Flabbergastingly, I agree with casemods (up to a point, and yes, I’ll be seeing a physician shortly). SG-1 was brilliant up until Ben Browder era. Not that it was Mr. Browder’s fault; they just took the show in a slightly different direction then they had been doing with Richard Dean Anderson (but we can’t expect the man to never tire). Even at it’s last, SG-1 was quite good. Atlantis started off a bit on the silly side (everyone arrives in Atlantis and, lo and behold, the lights come up. Everyone reacts as though it was a miracle of sort. If… Read more »


    I want to stab the mother fucker that decided to cancel this show, it deserved more than 2 seasons!


    This was/is a good show. The problem is that Sci Fi seems more interested in putting out crappy movies like sharktopus or airing WWE. For the record SG1 has always been my favorite. I liked the real world military take on how things were done. While each episode for the most part was self contained, they often carried plot threads though to future shows. We saw the Jafar go from slaves to an independent race, the end of the Asgard and the Goa’uld and the rise of the Lucian Alliance. I have to admit that I find the last one… Read more »


    It’s a shame they’re canceling it, it’s really starting to come into it’s own. Problem is I think it started slow enough that todays attention deficit disorder audience lost interest before it really found its stride.