Japanese road fixed in six days

s_j10_32306724.jpg (117 KB)

With all the shit going on in that country they managed to fix the road on the left to better than it was before. Giant earthquake, tsunami, and spewing radiation. And my town can’t even fill the fucking potholes.

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    casemods UID# 667

    Is this a joke?

    That’s amazing.

    The lighting/colors of the trees and bushes don’t match up though.

    If it’s legit, that’s pretty impressive.

    Must have been a popular highway.

    Not that it takes 6 days to fix something like that.

    6 days is really slow.

    But with all the other shit going on, and how long it takes USA cities to fix shit, it’s impressive.

    Guess they don’t want to be reminded of the karma for pearl harbor.


    You almost got me. I was all set to impulsively rage on you for being one of the douchebags who completely forget that the USA embargo’d Japan and antagonized the shit out of them before Pearl Harbor, and nuked their cities off the face of the Earth afterwards. I’m pretty sure WE still have some shitty karma for that.

    Then I remembered I saw a collage of douchebags like that.
    Then I remembered I saw that here.
    Then I remembered all of the negative characteristics you exhibit, trolling among them.

    Your game is slipping.

    casemods UID# 667

    I don’t care about that shit.

    I’m just ripping on japan after seeing that facebook post.


    6 Days is actually pretty fast.

    As a man who works as an inspector in road construction, I’m impressed (if its legit, of course). But more than likely they didn’t meet any of the compaction requirements for such a project (which is 100 percent acceptable because of the given situation).

    I’m amazed at how thick that asphalt is in the first picture. They did a lot of overlays.


    The road was re-graded in less than 4 days, and likely paved in 5.

    Sankaku Complex


    Gonna try that hyperlink again.
    Source: Sankaku Complex


    The thing about emergency response in Japan is, everyone is involved. From schoolteachers to QA engineers. For this picture, you’re looking at the result of the hard work of probably a few dozen engineers and hard hat blue-collar workers, plus maybe another dozen formerly unemployed people from the local area. The thing that gets me is the overblown media response. Sure, it’s great that everyone’s pitching in to whatever local Japan-only relief fund. But I’m really sick of people walking up to me and asking how I’m coping with the aftermath. Dude. I’m a 4th-gen Japanese-American. The relatives I know… Read more »


    Japan, Fakku Un!!!


    I’d estimate it would take 2-3 years to repair that here in Seattle. And in the end, there would still be large steel plates on the road in random places.


    Wow, and in six months they haven’t managed to fill a pothole here big enough to cripple a tractor. Apparently I need to move to Japan, you know, when all the tsunami and earthquake damage is repaired in 3 months.


    anyone look at the tree growth an the right side of the road. I rate this photo a FAIL