Troll becomes matchmaker

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    Unauthorized access to electronic identity is kind of a crime isn’t it? Isn’t the only thing separating “harmless fun” from “two years in prison” the willingness of the “victim” to pursue pressing charges?

    Somehow I found the willpower to ask legitimate questions before bitching about the fucking hipster at the Genius Bar playing an instantly judgmental voyeur to kill time… I must be making progress.


    I think you’ll find that most things are a sort of crime under the laws of one locality or another. All-in-all, this mac store queer injected a bit of happiness into someone’s life… and that’s more than many people can say for their day-to-day and week-to-week altruisms.

    See? We’re all growing up, and the resultant minds are different! How intredasting!


    True, very true. For most cases. Still, fuck this guy. He didn’t know the girl would be receptive. She could have found the advancement creepy, end their friendship with the guy, and interject a whole lot of not-happiness into his life instead. I don’t think the one time something good came out of this dbag’s troll-fests regains him any ground.


    Maybe 100 years from now, people will understand and care about securing their personal information, or just learn to accept when stuff like this happens. But it seems like it’s just human nature that most people choose convenience over security. You wouldn’t just walk in a stranger’s house just because they left the door unlocked, but it’s completely unfair to equate using someone’s logged in account to something like that. It really is a completely novel concept.