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Alberta, The Rocky Mountains, Moraine Lake. (The location where the Canadian $20 bill’s picture was first taken)
Method: Camera upside down, pointed at the water. Yes, this is a reflection.
Original unedited photo, besides a vertical flip due to the camera being upside down.


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    I remember I had a dispute about this the first time it was posted.

    To me, it looks too much of an “upright angle” to be a reflection. It would amazingly help get the point across if there was another zoomed out picture, in which you could see the direction it was shot at.


    Just so the Americans around here aren’t confused (and anyone else who isn’t a Canuck, which I guess is everyone. No one actually lives in Canada. Except for Bob, in Camore):

    The $20 bill being referred to in the post has not been in circulation since 1993, and there have been two new designs since then. Personally I think that the $20 in question here was the nicest one though. I did always find it odd though that the $10 of the same series was a depiction of an industrial site…

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