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    This is going to be super shit.


    Having just re-re-read some of the orig. Robert Howard stuff lately , not to mention the L Sprague DeCamp add-ons, it seems impossible NOT to suck.

    But will it be glorious blood-drenched swords and scrcery suckitude or crappy 3D Clash of the Titans schlock?

    Gary Generic

    The character is very easy to screw up. As long as they can avoid the typical “Me smash!” idiot barbarian type, it might be okay.


    Didn’t Robert Jordan write Conan?

    fracked again

    He wrote in the franchise, but didn’t create it.


    Good, so I hadn’t just imagined it.


    I’m fuckin stoked about this, no lie. I’m wonderin which storyline they’re gonna go with, or if they’re gonna be ambitious and write something new. Personally, I’d love to see either “Red Nails” or “Rogues in the House”. “Frost Giant’s Daughter” is my favorite, but with THOR comin out, it might seem too similar to some people.


    And apparently they’ve got Rose McGowan dropping in to see if her Red Sonja flick would be worth putting back on the production slate (beefy guy before hot babe film? I’m amazed).


    As long as it features lots of boobs I’ll be happy.