Center Axis Relock

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Center Axis Relock (CAR) is a shooting system invented by Paul Castle.
The CAR system features a bladed stance (the shooter’s weak-side shoulder facing the target), a close-to-body firearm hold, and sighted or non-sighted fire as the situation dictates. This differs from other shooting styles such as the Weaver which feature a more squared stance (i.e. facing the target directly) with the pistol held far out in front of the face and some form of sighted fire.
The CAR system is primarily intended for handgun shooting, although it can also be used with long guns, batons, tasers and OC sprays.

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    YES!!! I got to train under Paul Castle and earned my cert from Sabre Tactical. Paul is seriously a badass. See him and his system here.

    See me and my fellow instructors here.
    (i’m the blurry guy beyond Mr. Oakley Sunglasses on the main slideshow)
    There is another good Paul vid further down the page titled “good cops bad cops”

    Nice post Ian, totally made my day.

    last pic looks like I would probably end up shooting myself in my own arm


    one would think, but it works very well. We have been teaching this system for almost 2 years now with out anybody shooting themselves. We do a class about every other week, and a class size is usually around 30 people.

    casemods UID# 667

    Looks like random ways to hold guns to me.


    it does look strange. It took time to get used to, even was resistant to adopting it. Turn out, I would not do it any other way now. Here’s a good clip showing the effectiveness at close range.


    the only part that i notice that is effective is bringing the gun for a headshot.


    Many rounds center mass in a split second causes hydroshock vexation. Very effective, and a larger target to be aiming at. Also, the high position (weapon against chest) gives great weapon retention. Reduced recoil and is not thrust out in front to be taken away. If one were to het their hands on the muzzle , very easy to break their grip, even if not pimping them full of rounds.


    It looks like you have a stable shooting platform with a very slim profile. Just wondering, but how does this work with a SBR?


    I’m not familiar with an SBR or not recognizing the accronym, but the system is proven effective with both hand and long guns, as well as tasers and pepper spray. A blade can be weilded as well.


    ok Short Barrel Rifle, yes check this clip. Paul uses an MP5 from the high position.


    Some problems I see with this.

    1) you are presenting the soft spots in the armor towards the threat.

    2)you have to crab walk you way around

    3)you have no abilities to quickly turn towards a threat that is behind you (in the sense that its towards your back or towards your strong side)

    4)you have to change techniques from shooting instinctive and aimed shots.


    answer to the armor question (your armor should be doubled at the sides) as for crab walking, most movement should be perpendicular to your threat to avoid incoming rounds. You will not need to turn your body to engage a threat from the rear. A transition from hands and turning the head is the quickest way to respond, even faster than other stances (weaver etc.) Aimed shots with the system happen very quickly from muscle memory, as demonstrated by a friend who dropped a sliding steel target at 60 yards (and elevated) from a draw in under 2 seconds.… Read more »


    Sounds interesting. I no longer work in a job that requires me to be armed, but I remember my class 2 vest has pretty large opening for shoulder and just no sure if I feel comfortable pointing my vitals towards incoming rounds. We were taught to fight squared up, even more then the weaver stance and it’s what I continued to use now for hunting with both rifle and shotguns. The movement shouldn’t be too big a deal since it will be somewhat like a spot and stalk with a bow at close range. I’ll look further into this as… Read more »


    understandable about the armor. my level 3 wraps around pretty well with openings for arms only. Also worth mentioning, from a bladed stance my upper arm is also blocking my side. As much as getting shot would suck, the bone can deflect or minimize the impact from reaching my torso. This system also covers many incapacitation drills, so we can load/reload and fix stoppages with the use of just one hand/arm. Clearing a double feed one-handed is pretty cool, and quick.


    Makes sense. I’d be interested in learning more of this. Right now I’m rather comfortable with the combat isosceles, granted, it does expose more area, but it also manages to expose areas protected by a vest.