I am Free

I am Free

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The implied argument unravels at the first sentence. If you find a job that you like, then going to work is fun. Switch out ‘Watch TV’ for some other rewarding hobbies and life doesn’t get any better than that.


    Damn right!

    Get a job you love
    Educate your kids yourself
    Ignore fashions
    Act like life is a magical gift
    Dance down the street
    Quit watching TV
    Spend / give away everything you earn
    Break the law as subtly as possible / disregard authority

    Reminds me of the song:

    Love is like a magic penny
    Hold it tight and you won’t have many
    Spend it lend and you’ll have so many
    They’ll roll all over the floor.


    You were rollin’ until you hit that last one…”Break the law as subtly as possible / disregard authority”. Can’t have the cake & eat it, too.

    The answer to all this is relatively simple: nobody is forcing you to do anything on this list against your will (except, of course, the last one, if your will happens to run contrary to the laws of wherever you live.)


    Yeah I mean like, if there is a law you honestly deem worthless, that exists only to line the pockets of corporations – make a point of breaking it, quietly and carefully. But if the laws of your land are just and fair, this would be counter-productive.



    Just because you say you are free, doesn’t mean you are free. Dictators like their people to think that way.


    We all love a good conspiracy theory – but the chances are – if you FEEL free, you ARE free.


    Well duh! off course you are depressed, Where is all the drugs, alcohol, and sex?


    Move to Libya/Egypt
    Go to..wait
    Send your kids to… uh
    Follow Leader
    Act Normal (ie everyone else) (or dont, as of last month)
    Watch Islamic-shariah-law approved TV
    Save for your ol… hold on
    Obey the Tyranny

    Now repeat after me

    I’m fucked / This first-world centric hipster bullshit needs to sign his own great work so I can set him on fire irl


    “Go to work.” The assumption is that you have a job, and most people who have jobs need them, but if you don’t go, you won’t have a job, and might not be able to afford food & shelter. So that’s good advice. “Send your kids to school.” The way this is phrased, the suggestion seems to be sending the kids off to school is all the responsibility you should take for your children’s education. Which would make you a shitty parent. Help them with their schoolwork, teach them to be analytical and critical, and help instill them with a… Read more »


    >Children are less free than adults, but also have less responsibilities. As they get older, they gain more freedom, but also take on more responsibilities.

    In that case I’m doing it wrong. And it feels fucking awesome.


    Get a job you love.
    Teach your kids to think.
    Bring back classic fashions.
    Act like what now?
    Go over walls, not around.
    Find quality entertainment.
    Invest wisely.
    Be a valuable citizen.

    Ductile Logistics

    Good reply, taking something thats obviously stupid and negative, and instead of replying to it in a stupid and negative way, you reply with a more useful comment


    uh, zeitgeisty…seems like the creator of this is one or two steps ahead in the race towards an imaginatve utopia. most jobs nowadays are obsolete, for one reason or another. mostly because they only exist without any purpose to first place…so i could see why people would think that ditchin’ work might be the right thing to do. school as a tool to hammer fear(and despise) of authority into kids’ minds is actually kinda scary. i recommend “Waiting For Superman” for further info on that. the rest could be pretty much summed up with: passive conformity. “take the safe route”… Read more »