captain america wallpaper

captain america wallpaper

I’m still wondering why the Human Torch is wearing Captain America’s costume.

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    They were members of the Invaders together, maybe had to cover for the other?

    Or did you not mean the original Human Torch?


    He means why is Chris Evans, who played the Human Torch, now playing Cap.


    I think they should reuse actors who have appeared in previous Marvel films.

    I think they should introduce the invaders era Human Torch and have Ioan Gruffudd play him. Just to fuck with people. Then cast Hugh Jackman as Namor or something.




    The Fantastic 4 Movies were made by Fox. Captain America is made by Marvel/Disney.
    Since the last FF movie stank, I doubt Evan’s will be on fire any time soon.
    I do wonder if his playing Cap has anything to do with Marvel’s decision to kill off the Torch a few months back.

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