sunflower redhead

sunflower redhead

I’m pretty sure that this is one of the Dr Who girls, but since I never watch that show, I have no clue which one.

speaking of Dr Who, anyone know what a good jumping on point would be?  I haven’t tried because afaik, some/most of the episodes were lost to time and cannot be viewed.

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    Not that I watch it myself; but this is Karen Gillan from the episode “Vincent And The Doctor” (as is Vincent Van Gogh), apparently written by Richard Curtis.


    It’s his latest companion. You can start from the 2005 series. And then watch the old ones, that’s what I’m doing.


    Yeah, the whole show was basically re-set back to series 1 in 2005.

    My favourite time though was the Tom Baker period from series 12 to 18.


    I wouldn’t say that it reset at all with the new series, but it did get a massive facelift. All of the old “lore” is still quite valid in the new series.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I don’t even think its necessary to go all the way back to 2005. IMHO, the latest season is a perfectly good place to jump on board. The first episode of season 5 is a lot better introduction to series than the first episode of season 1. Season 5 also has the best two-part action episode, best mind-bending weird episode and the funniest episode of the NuWho.

    Luke Magnifico

    But then you’d skip Christopher Eccleston…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Also season 5 has the hottest companion. I hope that’s self-evident from the picture.


    Like the others have said, start with the latest reboot, the 2005 series.
    Most if not all are on usenet or the usual sources. Once you’re hooked and if you have a stomach for old brit scifi dramedy, then you can chase down the older ones. Netflix has some of them both on disk and streaming.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Also (as long as I’m geeking out over Doctor Who) at the end of the episode that this picture is from, there was public service message “If you or someone who know has been effected by the issues portrayed in this episode, please contact the following hotline”.
    And I spent several minutes thinking, “Wow, does the UK has such a problem with invisible alien monsters that they have to set up a hotline?”


    Whoever she is, my penis agrees with her.


    I’d watch the Tom Baker Dr Who, then jump to Eccleston and go on.
    But with the Baker episodes you’ll have to deal with baaaad special effects.
    And sets….but Baker is great!


    I hate Dr.who, the acting… it’s amazingly bad? I’m not much of a critical person but only the brand new doctor and a few guest characters seem good, Tennant and the mixed race girl were SHIT

    But I felt like a 15 year old idiot when I saw this girl, shes fucking adorable.