storm trooper on lizard

storm trooper on lizard

I don’t remember this scene at all.

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    The close-up dewbacks were added in the Special Edition, but I don’t recall this shot. I’m thinking promotional shot.


    It’s a still, I’ve only seen this in the middle of an interview with Lucas, in the VHS copy I have of A New Hope: Special Edition (1997), he’s explaining that he originally meant to use Dewbacks on various shots, this one being where they’ve combing the desert for the droids, but couldn’t due to time and money. He only managed to make this one model that had limited movement (they moved the head back and forth, that was about it).


    This is the one you see atop the dunes in the original cut. I think it wasn’t even suitable for close up shots due to the limited movement. They added more off them in the special edition as dreth said but CGI they just look a bit odd.