Pics from Japan


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    I don’t believe the second and third photos to be real.


    The first one is just a regular wave. The second is a shoop that came out right after the boxing day tsunami. The third is a shoop fer shur. The forth is a collapsed mine. There was a whirlpool, and the one after that also seems legit. As for the last one, it just looks like a road was spray painted.

    Tsunamis aren’t just one big crest wave (or wind generated) that you could surf. It’s a series of constant wave lengths.


    Yeah, that’s what people don’t realise when they hear a ’10ft tsunami’. They’re all ‘Pfft, I’ve seen bigger waves at sea’ without knowning that it might only be 10ft high, but it’s also a hell of a lot wider than your average wave. There’s a fuckton of water behind that 10ft wave, and it’s got some serious momentum.


    [real (if not from the tsunami, it may be a real wave] [probably shoop]
    [definitely fake]
    [could be real, though I struggle to imagine this]
    [could be real. I don’t know enough about earthquakes and tsunamis to say for sure.]
    [looks pretty real. i find it hard to believe that it just split right down the middle, though]
    [could be real. hell, they may have made the road that way.]


    The split road down the middle likely occurred due to the road being repaved at some point one lane at a time. It quite often happens with flexible pavements that individual lanes are not strongly connected.