tank ramp

tank ramp

I have no idea why this would be built, but it’s awesome, none the less.

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    Presumably the recoil if so powerful it knocks the tank backwards hence the ramp/barrier.


    Cannon angle. A tank loses a large range of motion for fire because the cannon cannot angle downwards, and thus the tank uses terrain and ramps to gain an optimum firing situation.


    So it can shoot people 3 feet away.


    From some old reading which may not be relevant – 2 reasons.

    1. If allowed to recoil instead of holding itself in position when discharging a shell the stresses on the vehicle are far less.
    1a. The ramp would allow the vehicle to recoil and then roll quickly back into position.

    2. Canon angle things as per above.


    That is a M1128 Mobile Gun System, not a tank.


    Definitely a M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System. I can’t see any reason for the ramp, except as a demo/test platform of some sort. The vehicle doesn’t need it to fire from a stabilized position, and it doesn’t roll backwards when firing – the recoil is absorbed hydraulically. The barrel will depress to 0 degrees, so it can’t be for a depressed barrel, since the angle it is firing at in the picture is greater than horizontal. Also, dragging that ramp around during combat would be counter-productive, since the vehicle is designed to provide close support to infantry troops. If anyone… Read more »


    This could be some sort of test. Proves it can shoot this way- possibly shows how the suspension deals with that sort of use / abuse. I’d want proof that a eight-wheeled cannon can handle the abuse of the job. (The extra piece of solid sheet steel to help the bottom of the ramp is a clue- it was added for a reason). But this vehicle seems to have a cage welded all around it- which I don’t think is a stock item. That also points towards test bed. They could have several types of “terrain” to fire from just… Read more »


    “Cage” around it is the newfangled “urban combat survival kit.” Pretty much a mesh of wire around the outside to defeat RPG-7 fire by making the molten copper it creates bounce off the outside of the Stryker rather than roast everyone inside.


    Yes, that’s exactly what is going on. IIRC this was at Ft Benning in 2005 or 2006. They are demonstrating the ability of the system to fire at high angles of elevation. The ramp allows you to fire the weapon flat at a target on the range. If you were to fire a high velocity cannon at high angle from flat ground the actual range is quite a lot farther than effective range and the probable error in range is huge, like, miles. Not only would you not be demonstrating the ability to -effectively- engage targets at high angle, you… Read more »


    My guess would be that the ramp is to demonstrate how well the gun fires on uneven ground, and is strictly for demonstration purposes on a firing range.

    A mobile gun that needs a steel ramp to fire accurately would be useless in combat.


    As several people above posted this is only a test.

    This is not a tank. It as nothing to do with a tank. It is a Stryker. It is a family of vehicles used by the U.S. Army. I’ve posted pictures of them people.


    What a cool tank!


    The ramp is used to calibrate the gun to the optics system on board the vehicle.
    We use the same thing with our M1A2 SEP Abrams MBT, to triangulate the cannon, Gunners Primary Site and Commander Independent Thermal Viewer.

    Has nothing to do with recoil, or whatever else you guys came up with. If you needed a ramp to help you absorb or reduce the recoil of the gun, it would be pretty damn useless in combat.

    – Medically Retired SSG, US Army Tank Commander from 2001 – 2007.


    But it would be absolutely sick in skate parks.


    Turn cannon 180°. Take a long run up to ramp, pedal to the metal – constantly blasting cannon to add momentum. Hit ramp and take off.

    I learnt this in GTA.


    LOL, I can just picture a bunch of kids in a skate park, then all of a sudden this MGS comes flying out of nowhere, trying to pull some “mad skills.”



    My comment above was based on this item, though the ramp simply being a calibration ramp does make more sense.


    It’s a tank, right?

    casemods UID# 667

    It’s for 4 wheeling tests to see how far you can go up without any wheels coming off the ground

    T.G. Fisher

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