awesome trike

awesome trike

I’ve wanted to buy one of these for a while, but I’m worried about my man points.  do they get deducted if I ride one of these?

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    No sir, Trikes this size get approval from most riders, probably even storminators.


    even if someone has to shoop him flippin it off.


    This trike is AWESOME. I’ve wanted one of them since I first saw them.


    You retain most of your man-points with such a device, loss is minimal.

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    Man, I wonder how awesome it would be to make my mini chopper into a 3 wheeler


    you should go for it, put the two wheels in the front and go AWD while you’re at it.


    Trikes are accepted because most biker movies have one in them. LOL I have been shopping for them, and looking at how they’re built for some time. I’m not getting younger, and I’ll retire with a Trike once I can’t keep my balance anymore. But I think the VW based Trikes are best. A Trike that was designed to be a Trike. Altered motorcycles are notoriously hard to corner. The geometry of the front end is everything. The Trike pictured here is probably the best design ever.


    How about them Can-Am spyder designs? I’m under the impression that it has a computer controlled system for stability. Something to the tune of independent braking and throttle control. I think if your starting to loose traction in a corner, the system will take over to help prevent launching you off the side of the road.

    Luke Magnifico

    THAT would deduct man-points.


    Yes tiki, your penis will fall off the minute you buy one! 😛


    Real men don’t care about Man points.
    Your man-points just got deducted for blatant caring.


    Well, it’s better than a scooter… Man up and get a motorcycle.

    Who am I kidding? I just sold my motorcycle… so sad…