Sucker Punch

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March 25th. Cannot wait! Apparently I like BabyDoll.

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    Insanely Rational

    I remember that my first thought after watching Inception was “gee, I wonder how this movie would have looked like if it had been made by someone with an actual imagination and even a minimal understanding of dreams and the subconscious mind…” Then I saw the first trailer for Sucker Punch and thought: “yeah, that’s how it would’ve looked like.”

    If you want a movie by someone who understands dreams and can translate that to the screen, watch something by David Lynch. Suckerpunch just looks like random frames from old Heavy Metal magazines. I don’t think you can make a coherent movie from that, but we’ll see. I kind of hate Synder’s videogame cut-scene directorial style, but I guess I’m a minority in that opinion.


    Sucker Punch should be titled “Everything I Thought Was Awesome at Thirteen”.

    Not that it’s not awesome now.


    Listen to Reboot and watch everything David Lynch ever did ever.


    In defense of Inception, it’s more of a heist film than a ‘dream” film.

    It’s been obvious for a while that Christopher Nolan wants to make Michael Mann movies.


    Blondie and Amber are hotter imo.


    how do they not get gang boinked the minute they set food in those trenches?


    Because the soldiers are eating the food they set down.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I used to wanna bang that chick back when she was in Ghost Ship.

    Hang on someone’s at the door…


    Okay that was funny.


    The makers of the porn version of this aren’t going to have to work very hard.


    I do want to go see it, but I have this sneaking suspicion that, as an 18-25-year-old male, I’m being pandered to.

    Just a hunch.