French flag

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    I stopped asking myself why US douches still try and “fly” this BS about France.
    Then I remembered…
    Socialized Medicine.
    Early retirement.
    Longer state sponsored vacations.
    French women, Class, art, culture……..
    Haters gonna hate.


    ‘Zactly. I miss France and would go back, to live, in a heartbeat. Basically hubby and I are saving up to retire in Sonac.


    The idea that the French are cowards is bullshit. They may have gotten outflanked in WWII – but even after the Germans invaded the French Resistance did a hell of a job.

    OK, they lost a fight – but they were by no means cowards.

    PS – I’m not French, I’m Danish.


    The effect that George W Bush had on the world still resonates. Because the French and German governments would not validate his rush to war they are still painted by ignorant people in this light. Sadly these people get history from the televison, not a book.


    what, you thought the french would spare the humor on mocking the US even though GW Bush hasnt been in office for a while?