Futuristic submarine thing

What.jpg (540 KB)

wth is that?
it’s so cool.

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    It is a tourist water bus that operates in the Tokyo area. It is not a sub, unfortunately. Many things give that away: sub’s don’t need windshield wipers far example. It is real cool looking though and I kind of hoped it was a sub…



    yup, Irichardson is correct.



    Also, tineye helped me find one result, which then led to a larger version, which I would have pasted a link to here, except that the webmaster of that site asked people not to hotlink images.

    So, if you want a larger version (1600×1200), tineye can help you find it at a domain called “dudelol.com


    I just read the name of the ship off the bow and Googled that. ; )


    or ya could just click through to the larger image on this site.


    Interestingly, it does not display at full resolution here on m[c]s for me, at least in Google Chrome. I had to “save picture as” to my hard drive to be able to see what the actual resolution of the pic was. Does it display at full 1600×1200 for you, here on the site? If so, what browser are you using?


    1600 x 1200. Are you clicking through?


    Ah, no, I wasn’t. I thought all the pics at m[c]s were set to go back one page when clicked on, so I gave up trying to click through a long time ago. I wasn’t aware you COULD click through and get a larger version. Huh.


    That’s why tiki pays me the big bucks.