Republicans Will Protect Your Rights If You Are:

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    That pretty much sums it up.


    …their corporate sponsor

    Luke Magnifico

    The guy wears shorts and expects equal treatment? That’s just naive.


    You assume he’s wearing anything behind that sign.


    I was guessing a leopard print thong.

    He’s at least one of those.

    Gee I wonder which one.

    Way to hold that sign like a man you sickly fucking fairy lol

    The bicycle just seals it. That’s not everything wrong with the first world up there but its a bit of it.


    He’s a teacher?


    Goddamn teachers with their fucking bikes, am I right?


    Fucking bikes with yellow tires, WTF is this guy trying to teach kids?


    That the GOP doesn’t care about coloreds.

    Tires, I mean.


    As they should.

    Are country is founded on the principles of non-colored tires.

    Liberal just want to re-define the definition of tire so that colored tires get extra rights.


    Colored tires are just a way to distract you while they take away your guns, anyway


    Damn liberals! We must defend the sanctity of tires!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Are you really trying to respond to me calling that dude (who probably looks not unlike you geniuses) a fag by acting like fags?


    Not really, mags.

    We just heard that Obama is trying to mandate that all bike tires are have to be yellow.

    That is a huge overreach of government authority. We just want big government to stay off the backs of the little guy.


    Are you kidding, dude? Responding to this thread is the only thing that’s keeping me from having gay sex right now. Actually, if I go get my laptop, I could probably post while having sex.



    Damnit, Mags, you fucked up. The whole world was a bit less gay for a minute, and then you went and gave him ideas.

    How can you live with yourself knowing that you’re the direct cause of man on man lovin’?

    I hear that every time two dudes have sex, a fairy gets its wings and a CD of catchy dance tunes, and the next RNC gets smaller.


    Shouting “gay!” instead of making an argument is much like what a 13 year old xbox player would do.

    I guess we finally figured out Navi’s age.


    The RNC is in so deep debt right now because they spent so much on male hookers and S&M strip clubs.

    Ever notice how whenever a congressman gets busted soliciting gay sex it’s always a Republican?


    Best lulz today. Thanx.