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Working out of State. Figured i would share some photos of Homebrew from my crappy Iphone. Hope you enjoy. I’ll be at the National Homebrewer Conference this year.

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    pic #2: Is that an ale fermenting in a fridge? Is it hot where you live?
    pic #4: Interesting set up. Are you fermenting in the kegs?


    Love beer, especially micros, but seeing it made is kinda gross. It’s like I love steak, but I don’t wanna see the cow killed. Idk. Just me I guess.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Ok, that makes sense. Cool setup (literally, ha!)


    A buddy of mine welding a tower for 15-20 gallon brewing and is about to chop the tops off some keg shells — how did you end up cutting the hole? It looks nice and clean. Also, is the fridge thermostat controlled, or do you have a thermometer in it and adjust the temp by hand to match what you’re brewing?

    super sick setup.