The Town

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Any good? The trailer reminded me of The Departed for some reason.

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    The movie is pretty good, and reminders of The Departed are rampant. Possibly even intentional on the part of the producers. Predictable but worthwhile.

    casemods UID# 667

    Great movie.

    Only resembles departed because the cast looks the same (pale-ish complexions), it’s set in new york, and the weather again is shit.


    It even says it on the poster

    So was The Departed

    Go ahead and claim that was some ‘troll success’ thing

    Nobody believes it

    You tarded

    Sorry says so in the trailer

    I don’t care where it was. It looks close enough to new york to me.

    Oh and Puulahi will enjoy this movie based on what I’ve seen him post.


    It’s a good movie.


    I liked it a lot, wife’s family is from near that part of Boston and claims it is relatively accurate.

    Flamboyantly gay little asian Dartmouth art/film/something student sitting behind me hated it and the “Forrest Gump” ending..
    Best laugh of the night was walking out listening to him hold forth on all the film’s shortcomings.
    Telling him he was full of sh*t was even more fun.


    So good, that it was basically a straight to DVD release. Affleck is a pretty good writer and Director. But, DAMN does his acting suck.

    casemods UID# 667

    That, or the fact that you’ve seen him in 20 other movies and 20 other parts that you crave for some originality.

    Same thing for Timothy Olphant. Hitman, cop, evil bad guy, porn director.

    I hate seeing the same A-List actors in every movie.


    This complaint can be applied to nearly every actor. The problem is EVERY actor has a limited range. Only the few truly gifted actors can bring something new to every performance. Nick Cage will always be Nick Cage in movies. Same with Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and every other guy. Whether he’s playing God or a crime lord, Morgan Freeman will act the same way. I know this, so I don’t go expecting anything different. When I watch Justified, I don’t go in expecting Timothy Olyphant to be someone else. That does make it nice when an actor does… Read more »

    casemods UID# 667

    The only movies I know him from are 10 things I hate about you…


    wait, they made a movie about casemods life?
    no that would be 10 to the 23rd things I loathe about your mere existance, my bad.


    Sean Penn is an actor that consistently surprises me. Kevin Bacon has more acting chops than I expect as well.