Afghan refugee girls

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    It sucks that they’re going to be married off to some 60 year old man in about five years.


    They’ll all fit nicely into a van.


    How does the one on the left have blue eyes?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Like most of the middle east native Afghanis aren’t arabs. They were Persian and native Persian people vary in eye and hair colour in the same way the rest of the best in the world do. The arabs just decimated the area a long time ago and the reality is the whole region has suffered from a Arab Muslim occupation for so long it only seems like its their land.

    @ dmytriw-wds:

    What magnus-buttfoorson says is correct. In addition (less so about Afghanistan), but that part of the world was part of the British Empire. Afghanistan were part of India.


    Afghanistan was never part of the Brittish Empire
    After 3 Failed wars the English realised they had better stop at what is now Pakistan


    The center girls’ lighting on her face defies logic and creeps me the hell out. But the rest are adorable.


    i feel like she is probably the focal point? the rest seem kinda dull compared to her. they’re all so cute! <3

    casemods UID# 667

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    furgiloucs definiton make the boys go crzzy


    As refugees they may not be forced to marry some old geezer. The have no dowry and no family. Unfortunately, they may be in a better position than their counterparts.


    Same with Iraq. It’s a same that they live in such a shithole. And no one wants to admit that the only way to change it is to export Western values to their world…