Homemade Revolving Shotgun

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    Nicely done. Bring on the zombies!


    This is pretty damn awesome. I’ve wondered for a long time why revolver rifles are not popular.

    What are the pros and cons of a gun like this?


    The only practical reason revolvers are still popular is because they’re easy to maintain. Other than that it’s just culture popularity and romanticism.


    Sounds like the main things people look for in a gun to me.


    That’s true, but they’re less accurate, loud as hell, and .40 S&W is much more expensive than .45 ACP.

    casemods UID# 667

    I thought revolvers did not jam, EVER, compared to magazine guns.


    Mostly true but revolvers are limited in how powerful a cartridge they can handle without being f’n huge. (Thats the not TL:DR version for you).

    casemods UID# 667

    It’s not the TL;DR version, it’s taking the only useful info out of a ridiculous long explanation that contains bits of random


    4 paragraphs is ridiculously long? Wow… people here are younger than I thought.
    Sorry to inconvenience you?

    Oh, and revolvers can jam, just exceptionally rarely and only because of poor design or badly reloaded ammo (bullet not deeply seated enough).


    . As cashmods & his cohort said. One of the guys I deployed with happened to be a gun smith in the real world. My wife is not overly familiar with firearms, or emergency procedures if gun jammed or a round misfired. He recommended a revolver for her, due to the fact that “if it doesn’t work, just pull the trigger again. New bullet.



    By the way, did you know they measure the caliber of the bullet in millimeters?

    Rage time!


    : P

    Sure, except when it’s not… mm, inches, pounds, lead balls…

    Kik Dogg

    Can it be used on the above post(er)?


    You don’t have the ammo to take me on.

    Kik Dogg

    Sorry, I was referring to case’s ugly ass ebay dragon lamp. See above. Also, bitch don’t know nothin’ bout mah ammo.


    Well, of this revolving shotgun a pretty big con is jail time if it is in the US. By a weird artifact of law it is illegal to build or possess a firearm of greater than .50 caliber unless it is -specifically- deemed by BATFE as suitable for hunting or sporting purposes. If it is not so deemed it is considered a “Class 3 destructive device” or an “any other weapon” and a whole lot of paperwork and tax forms have to be filled out, including prior approval by the CLEO of your jurisdiction (chief law enforcement officer). This is… Read more »

    casemods UID# 667



    The ADHD version is up there for you.


    other tl;dr reason: Hold your finger too close to the front of a cylinder of a revolver, have the gases very literally cut your finger off.

    Have the timing slightly off, have buckshot shoot into your hand and not the barrel.


    With a capacity of 6, the advantage over a similar-weight and similar-size pump (aka slide) action shotgun is minimal, is it is there at all.

    A spiffy gadget, though, it does get rid of the balance / delicacy issues of a tube magazine.

    Anyone with a bug up their bum about the BATFEIEIO’s random “sporting purposes” choices can:
    1 – EABOD, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed … AND is not dependent on hunting quail or harvesting venison
    2 – console yourself that this is obviously a flare-launcher, not a shotgun


    Yea, BATFE’s … interpretation… of the NFA leaves much to be desired much of the time. Why the Saiga-12 is ok and the Neostead is not is beyond me.

    Flare launcher eh? I’ll go with that. : )


    I know about guns, and although your comments about guns are partially correct, I infact have additional information and some minor corrections.

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