Haters gunna hate!

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Anderson Silva!

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    Poor Vitor. I didn’t expect him to win, but it would have been cool if he could done more than extend Silva’s highlight reel.

    That said, Silva is here to stay as long as he wants. Only a top level wrestler with A+ submission skills has a chance against to topple him.

    Either that or a top level boxer who knows how to stop a take down and avoid the clinch. In other words, not James Toney. But right now no one with those skills seems to exist.


    “silva is boring”
    “silva doesn’t try to finish fights”

    …oops. Someone forgot to tell anderson that.


    I don’t know why people complain. He’s a counter puncher. The other fighter needs to be aggressive for Silva.




    Sort of, but Silva is a a Muay Thai/BJJ fighter.


    I love Anderson! I mean, the dude gets it done in the ring. If people are complaining that he’s too dominant, that’s just stupid. You’re basically complaining that he’s too good at his job. You want him to start sucking? What good is that going to do?


    It’s the meathead crowd. They’re just there for the blood. They can neither understand nor be entertained by technical skill and strategy.

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