More pics of my rig

DSCN8104.JPG (186 KB)

DSCN8099.JPG (184 KB)

DSCN8091.JPG (189 KB)

DSCN8092.JPG (204 KB)

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    love the action shot on the sofa. its always good to let a rig chill out for a bit.


    What’s wromg with you? Are you now inviting your rig to dinner and a movie? I mean what’s next? Sex with your rig? I hope she’s using an antivirus!


    c’mon, just give boy a break…

    OP: try some wine & candles, this usually works


    Hopefully their facebook relationship status is updated to
    “in a relationship”


    i think “it’s complicated”


    He could mod it with a fleshlight


    I want to see it in the shower. And sitting on the toilet.


    “Casey trembled with nervous excitement, as he came back from the kitchen with his date’s canned air. He was fully aroused to see that he had made himself more comfortable, and had taken off his panel in anticipation for an evening of soulless gay modem rimming.”



    Super Loco

    A piece of shit, better buy a mac pro.

    lemon floor wax

    Ya know, there’s a big difference between “assembling” a computer and “building” a computer.

    Like when my husband BUILT a PC into an antique radio…

    People “assemble furniture” from IKEA; craftsmen “build furniture” out of lumber.

    Alec Dalek

    It’s okay, nobody cares that you suck cock. You don’t need to be an attention whole to declare your love of cock. Tiki only approves your posts because she thinks it will give the site “character”. But it gives the site just as much character as 19 guys sucking 18 dicks (casemods is missing because he’s still in denial about his love of savory stinky cock he wants in his mouth).